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Kiln Alignment

Kiln Alignment is one of the most important maintenance items. A poorly aligned kiln will use more power, cause refractory problems, significantly reduce the life of the drive gear & components and cause shell and stop block cracking.

Westmill Mechanical utilizes the services of WildCat Precision Measurements Ltd. to perform the actual mechanical survey. WildCat has all of the modern full station equipment necessary to perform the required tasks, such as surveying around a gear guard. Because WildCat is a Mechanical Survey company, surveying skills never become rusty.

Westmill Mechanical then uses the data results to bring your equipment into alignment. We don't just walk away leaving it up to the customer to make the required moves to the rollers. Westmill will make the required moves and stabilize your kiln before leaving site.

Westmill will recommend service intervals based on your needs to fine tune the rollers to compensate for normal wear and tear.

Kiln Resurfacing (Grinding)

Kiln Resurfacing

Westmills Resurfacing equipment was designed & built by Westmill Mechanical. Lightweight yet powerfull, delivers 30 horsepower to the grind stone.

Because it is light weight and components break down to smaller pieces, no crane is required to assemble the unit on the kiln piers. Our unit assembles to the roller bearings eliminating the need for table construction, saving you time & money.

Coupled with our measuring device, which repeats consistently to within 0.003" on the circumference of large tires, tapers in tires and rollers are easily detected and removed.

Utilizing the grind stone instead of a belt grinder allows us to "see our imperfections" as we work, instead of polishing the imperfections and hiding them from view, only to show up months later.

The resurfacing process in done in place while you run, saving down time.

Line Boring

Line Boring

Having trouble with loose bull gear spring pins? Westmill's state-of-the-art Line Boring unit can fit in the tightest places.

The Line Boring system can bore holes from 7/8" to 36". From less than an inch to over 72" long.

The system is customizable to weld the bore if necessary.

We have in the past accomplished a complete 15 hole rebore and pin replacement in one short shutdown.

The unit could also help with your heavy equipment.

Chain Work

Chain Work

Not the most pleasant place to be during your shut downs.

Our crews have a "been there done that" attitude and get in there and get the job done.

We are constanly tring to find a better way so crews are comfortable with their working enviroment.


Westmill has welding procedures for just about any ASME needs. We are able to weld to thicknesses up to 8". Mild Steel or Stainless Steel. Westmill uses these procedure as guides at this time and welds as "equivalent to". Although we have a QC manual, we have not registered it at this time because the welding on a kiln is not required to be registered.

All of westmill procedures are registered in Alberta and British Columbia.

Westmill only hires welders with qualifications for the job. These qualifications are made available when requested. If required by the mill, Westmill has in the past tested all of the welders hired for the job.

For critical path jobs where quality is of the utmost importance, Westmill hires a QC person to oversee quality and welder performance.

Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Do you have a history of constantly putting money into your kiln on an emergency basis.

Westmill Mechanical can set up a visitation schedule where we come and fine tune your kiln and at the same time identify ongoing problems as well as developing problems.

These visits will help to eliminate the costly emergency shut downs as well as planning for future shut downs.

Shutdown Services

Shutdown Services

Westmill can offer shutdown services for all of your kiln mechanical needs, or any other mechanical portion of your mill.

Westmill can plan, budget and execute your shutdown, on time and on budget.

Ovality, Tire & Roller Measurements

Ovality Measurements

Ovality, Tire & Roller Measurements

Westmill utilizes the Philips Ovality Beam. Ovality measurements record kiln shell deflection as the shell rotates through a revolution.

Too much deflection results in instability and damage to the refractory material. This deflection is caused by wear between the tires and kiln shell (if this is design with no filler blocks) or wear between tire and filler blocks.

If the kiln is of the design with no filler blocks, then the repair will require a new kiln section, or may be delayed somewhat with shell stiffener blocks as shown in the left photo above.

Tire and Roller Measurements

Westmill is able to measure the circumference of tires and rollers while you run.

The measuring unit above in the right photo, far exceeds any others in the industry for repeatability. It consistently repeats measurements on tire circumferences within 0.003".

This measurement device saves a considerable amount of time during alignment, kiln training and resurfacing. It is a valuable tool developing a history for your kiln.

Coal Breakers

Coal Breakers and Similar equipment are one of the most difficult designs to maintain when alignment is just a little off. When wear or poor adjustments are made, significant damage can occur in a very short period of time due to most Machine RPM's.

Westmill Mechanical can Realign the Breaker, Resurface Tires Through our Grinding Process, Replace worn Chain Driven Parts, Align Drives and Repair any other problems found.

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